Pixel Bakery Internship: Day 1

Yo, I'm Sophie! I am Pixel Bakery's newest pastry apprentice.
Sophie Lorenz
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Written by Sophie Lorenz
Pixel Bakery Internship: Day 1, by Sophie Lorenz
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Yo, I'm Sophie! I am Pixel Bakery's newest pastry apprentice. I'm in my last quarter of the Graphic Design & Media Arts program at Southeast Community College, which requires us to seek out and complete a two-week internship at a design company. I knew from quarter one I wanted to intern here based on their personality and lively client work. I couldn't be more excited to be working alongside some of Lincoln's most talented multimedia artists!

My first day at Pixel Bakery went way better than anticipated. I was honestly a little surprised (but mainly impressed) at how prepared they were for me! They had nearly every single day planned out with something solid for me to work on. Their space is small, but the workload is pretty hefty, which is great, because I love staying busy. I've been tasked with taking on their style guide along with some partial rebranding of their current identity. I'm super thankful for the opportunity to work alongside a company that is such a great culture fit for me! I instantly felt at home at Pixel Bakery and quickly fell in love with their realness. Plus, there is a dog...


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