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Lesley Cifuentes Joins Pixel Bakery

Lesley CifuentesLesley Cifuentes
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Written by the one and only Lesley Cifuentes
Lesley Cifuentes Joins Pixel Bakery, by Lesley Cifuentes
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Hi! My name is Lesley and I’m the newest baker here at Pixel Bakery! I’m not so great at these type of introductions so here are just a few things about me that might help you get to know me a bit better:

I’m a capricorn sun, aries moon, cancer rising which basically means I’m an angry crybaby if we’re being honest. I love to walk around new cities and get lost, the anxiety makes me feel alive. I’m 85% redbull at this point, oh, and I really like to cook. Mostly everyone on my mom’s side of the family is a chef somewhere in the world and I ended up taking an interest when I was just a tiny little kid. I’m definitely not the best baker although I do make killer box brownies… the secret is to just add nutella into the batter.

Music is one of my biggest passions. One of my favorite things ever is to accidentally stumble upon a new song or artist and absolutely fall head over heels with it. I listen to music before the lyrics though, isn't that weird? I watch a lot of anime, netflix and other tv series. If someone asked me to recommend them tv shows that I consider perfect, I would say Seinfeld, The Sopranos, Arrested Development and the original Twilight Zone.

I may seem quiet at first but I definitely don't think I am, I think I just tend to observe and then execute. I’m really excited for my new role as studio manager at Pixel Bakery as I feel I can totally use those skills here pretty well. I love being organized, making sure things run smoothly and letting people rely on me for things that will help them make their days easier. Basically, I love being busy and I’m really excited to be working here as I know I’ll definitely be busy all of the time.

Thanks for reading! You should defs follow my instagram @lehxslee (I like to think I have a pretty cool feed). My username is weird I know, I’m working on it.


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