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Animation &
Motion Design

Every animation project is full-service and includes project management, creative concepting, sound design, storyboarding, and voiceover as needed. Whether you’re looking for a lower thirds animation template or a sizzle reel of your company’s coolest products, we’ve got you covered.


Commercial Video Production

Video advertisements, TV commercials, YouTube pre-roll ads, online advertisements, digital campaigns. You name it. These are all great ways to give your brand more recognition and to boost your marketplace identity. With our experience in both video production and animation, there are no limits to what we can produce for your brand.


Creative Concepting & Strategy

We're more than just designers – we're thinkers, strategizers, and consultants. From the initial discovery meeting to the final deliverable, our leadership team at Pixel Bakery is all about strategizing the best way to deliver your message.


🥣 Motion Mixer

bring your logo to life with an eye-catching and memorable animation

We’ll take that beautifully vectorized logo you already have, and make it move in a way that shouts your brand’s persona.


Emerging Media

With the development and expansion of social media, mobile marketing, email marketing, instant messaging, and various other digital platforms, it only makes sense that current trends in marketing are ever-evolving. Why not evolve with them?


Social Media Kits

You typically have 5 seconds to grab the attention of your user base on social media. In a world of over-stimulation and digital noise, it's important to stand out. Nothing immerses your audience more than a catchy animation. Engage with your audience on their favorite platforms. We bring your feeds to life using dynamic content and motion design.


Web Hosting

Pay what you want

We offer this service to any Nebraskan. You're welcome to choose how much you can afford.


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