Pixel Bakery Design Studio

who the heck

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary production studio centered around animation, film, and design.

We don't do catering.

to put it simply,

We build beautifully immersive worlds

Our team creates intentional, high-quality products that are results of purposeful visions and not taking any shortcuts.

And we're great at what we do.

We are builders. This is our craft.
Our hobbies are our profession.

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Social Content Kit

An ongoing retainer that allows our team to continue building and growing on their brand as we go.

2d animation
Motion design
Email Marketing

Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska

Awareness Campaign Series

Spreading awareness of the importance of taking care of your noodle.

2d animation
Motion design
Scripting & storyboarding


Gearhead Magic

Motion graphics magic for the G.O.A.T. outdoor retailer.

2d animation
Motion design

Lincoln Electric System

Rates 101

Lincoln Has It Good

2d animation
Motion design
Video Editing
that's just a taste