Abby Hall’s Favorite Daily Affirmation

Hey there beauties! My name is Abby Hall and I am the newest baker in the shop here at PB!
Abby HallAbby Hall
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Written by the one and only Abby Hall
Abby Hall’s Favorite Daily Affirmation, by Abby Hall
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Hey there beauties! My name is Abby Hall and I am the newest baker in the shop here at PB! I use she/they pronouns and am a multimedia designer here in the studio. I have a passion for fashion and anything that gets my creative juices flowing. 🙂 I am a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media arts studying experience design, virtual production, and cinematic arts. I'm super interested in new 3D software and game engines and creating new types of art through digital fabrication, coding, and technology.

Here are a few other fun things about me:

  • I grew up here in Lincoln, but I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado!
  • I have a cat named Pangur Ban. He is my son and the light of my life.
  • I am an identical twin!
  • I hate ketchup (a lot)
  • I have played the piano for over a decade now and it is one of my favorite pastimes.
  • I enjoy sewing my own clothes and have designed a couple of my own clothing collections!!
  • Lord of the Rings was my biggest inspiration for wanting to be a creative! The set design and high fantasy world-building push all my buttons. I loooove it.
  • I love crystals and spirituality and would love to give you a tarot reading 🙂

I am super duper jazzed to be here at Pixel Bakery and to be a part of a kick-ass creative team that's baking up some really dope sh*t! PB is literally like, the coolest place that I know in Lincoln, so to get to be here and have the opportunity to be a part of this team felt surreal and daunting and terrifying and exciting all at once.

I really like to use affirmations to kindly remind myself of who I am and of what I need to hear in moments like that. Here's one of my fav and most helpful and positive affirmations that I use on the daily:

Today is a beautiful day full of opportunity. I am exactly where I need to be! I open myself to the universe and trust in the unfolding of my life!

I give you this affirmation and challenge you to tell yourself this and believe it while you say it. It will make a big difference in your day, I promise. Which you deserve 😉 Anyways, that's me, thanks for listening! Carry on with the rest of your amazing day! xx


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