Jordan Lambrecht Wins Young Entrepreneur of the Year

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Jordan Lambrecht Wins Young Entrepreneur of the Year, by Lexi Kane
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You might not think about Lincoln, Nebraska being an epicenter of innovation, but there's a beacon of inspiration here that shines brightly among the entrepreneurial community. Our very own founder and director, Jordan Lambrecht, has been honored with the Young Lincoln Leadership Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year 🙌 This award is a testament to his exceptional vision, innovation, courage, and leadership, which have not only propelled Pixel Bakery to success but have also positively impacted the Lincoln community.

Over the past 12 months, Pixel Bakery has achieved remarkable success. We have demonstrated impressive growth and stability, contributing to the economic development of Lincoln. This achievement is a testament to Jordan’s hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Vision, courage, and leadership are three pillars that form the foundation of Jordan's entrepreneurial journey. His ability to envision new possibilities, take calculated risks, and lead the team with dedication has been instrumental in our achievements. It's this unique combination of qualities that sets him apart as a true leader in their profession.

Creativity and initiative are essential ingredients in the recipe for success, and Jordan has them in abundance. He continuously seeks innovative solutions and embraces new ideas, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to drive Pixel Bakery forward.

Jordan's commitment to the Lincoln community extends beyond personal success. His business has actively contributed to job creation in the area, providing employment opportunities for local students and professionals, while also attracting young talent from out of state. This contribution not only boosts the local economy but also strengthens the community fabric.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of Jordan's journey is his work as a mentor and role model. He encourages and inspires others in the Lincoln community to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Through his actions and achievements, he motivates budding entrepreneurs to embrace their own spirit of innovation and enterprise.

The Young Lincoln Leadership Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year is a well-deserved recognition of Jordan's exceptional qualities and contributions. His entrepreneurial journey embodies the spirit of innovation, courage, and leadership, and his positive impact on the Lincoln community is undeniable. As we celebrate his success, we are reminded that with determination and a commitment to excellence, anyone can make a meaningful difference in their community and beyond. Jordan is not just a business leader; he is a source of inspiration for us all.


Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Young Lincoln Leadership Award
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