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Ovenside Chats w/ Josh II

Who You Should Be Following (ON THE ‘GRAM)
Josh HoepnerJosh Hoepner
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Written by the one and only Josh Hoepner
Ovenside Chats w/ Josh II, by Josh Hoepner
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Since its beginnings in 2010, Instagram has gone through many phases in its identity. The cliché brunch posts, the photos of EVERY MEAL YOU EAT in hopes of becoming a food blogger, the workout selfies, the endless Starbucks cups, #nofilter, and the #OOTD (Mom, that means 'outfit of the day', by the way).

I'm not here to torment you with the posts of the past. I am, however, recommending who to follow to spice up your Insta to find inspiration in design and beyond. So, in no particular order, let's get started:

1. Steven Harrington (@s_harrington) | Los Angeles, USA

Steven has built a following of over 164k with his extremely recognizable cartoon-style and pop art colors. He's done work with the biggest boys out there and his art can brighten the day of anyone willing to check him out.

Steven Harrington's Air Force One nike shoes design

2. Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh) | New York, USA

Nobody does it quite like the latter partner of Sagmeister + Walsh. The colors, the phrases, and the punchiness of her designs make her an iconic and must-follow for any designer.

Burnt out toast, Sagmeister + Walsh

3. Paul Fuentes (@paulfuentes_design) | Mexico

If you are into clever, clean, and striking design. This is your guy. Paul's use of color and form contributes to his success.

Paul Fuentes

4. Goodtype (@goodtype) | Austin, USA

Goodtype features the work of some of the coolest typographers around and hosts takeovers by designers of all kinds. They host workshops on custom type, publish books, and connect over 900k people to the most inspiring and beautiful work.


5. Antoni Tudisco (@antonitudisco) | Germany

Antoni is a master of 3D modeling. His work ranges from mind-bending to unsettling and features some of the greatest textures I've seen in design.

Antoni Tudisco who is a 3D modeler

6. Lauren Hom (@homsweethom) | Detroit, USA

If hand lettering is your thing, @homsweethom is a must-follow. She has one of the most underrated personalities and styles of anyone I've seen on Instagram.

Lauren Hom hand lettering example

7. Adam Hillman (@witenry) | New York, USA

A self-titled "Object Arranger", Hillman posts some of the most satisfying images one could possibly imagine. If you want to see the simplest household items placed in the most beautiful ways, follow this man.

Adam Hillman simple household items

8. Josh Hoepner (@joshoepner) | Lincoln, USA

Ya boi is blowing up the gram on the daily. Hit me up with your favorite state of matter. Mine's vapor cuz #VAPENASH never ends.

Josh Hoepner shoe design

Seriously though, I hope these 7 accounts can inspire you to continue (or start!) creating. Exploring other's passions can lead to some of the greatest inspiration of all.


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