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Hi, I'm Kylie Muller

I'm Pixel Bakery's new Post-Production Intern
Kylie MullerKylie Muller
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Written by the one and only Kylie Muller
Hi, I'm Kylie Muller, by Kylie Muller
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A Creative Journey in the World of Video Production 🎥✨

Hi everyone!! I’m Kylie Muller, the newest baker at Pixel Bakery. I’m working as a video production intern, and I couldn’t be more excited. I love baking whether it be macarons or bread, but I like to think pretty good with pixels in 1920x1080 or 4k too. My passion for video production isn't confined to a single form - I love every part of it, from concept creation to the final edit.

A little about me ✨🏳️

I’m starting my senior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying emerging media arts. I’ve taken classes in everything from Video Production to virtual reality to 3D printing, so I love everything creative tech. These experiences have nurtured my love for creativity and innovation, especially in video production.

I’ve done color guard (the pretty flags that spin with the marching band) for the past 7 years and will be in my final season with the Cornhusker Marching Band this fall. Catch me at game days in Memorial Stadium as the flagline captain!

I can’t stay in one place for too long 🏝

I’m most recently from Papillion, Nebraska, but I grew up as a military kid. I’ve been all over the place, including Wyoming, Hawaii and North Dakota. I wish I remembered Hawaii, but we moved away when I was three, so my only memory is crying about not being able to get all the sand off of my feet. I love adventure and traveling- I’ve been to 17 national parks and I will hang up my hammock any time I get the chance to.

In need of a dive buddy? 🤿

Something I will probably never shut up about is that I’m open water scuba certified- meaning I can scuba dive pretty much anywhere in the world. My absolute dream job is to be a scuba diver documentary filmmaker- making those insane videos of whales and coral reefs underwater.

I’m a virgo🌞 pisces🌜and leo⬆️

Which means I’m very organized and intentional in my work and (hopefully) come across as good-natured. My favorite musical artist is Taylor Swift. My favorite show is New Girl and I love picking up new hobbies- my recent obsessions have been bike rides and rock climbing, but I also love collecting plants and film photography.

From Nebraska's inspiring landscapes to the innovative environment at PB, I'm ready to push the boundaries in video production and create something unique.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got going on now! Keep up with me on instagram @kyliemullerrr and stay tuned to see what I’m working on at PB.


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