Johnny Redd Brings the Pink to Pixel

Hey, what's up?! My name is Johnny (they/them) and I'm the newest Multimedia Designer at Pixel Bakery.
Johnny ReddJohnny Redd
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Written by the one and only Johnny Redd
Johnny Redd Brings the Pink to Pixel, by Johnny Redd
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Hey, what's up?! My name is Johnny (they/them) and I'm the newest Multimedia Designer at Pixel Bakery, meaning I do a little bit of a LOT - design, illustration, copywriting, you name it!

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way:

  • I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in December of 2020...entering the job market in the middle of a global pandemic. We love a challenge.
  • While at UNO, I earned my Bachelor of Arts studying graphic design and art history, and I also worked as a writing tutor at the UNO Writing Center.

Okay, now to the fun part where I get to infodump on all the stuff I love...and hate!

Things I can't live without:

  • The color pink
  • History podcasts
  • Guzzling multiple caffeinated drinks at once
  • Bullet journaling

Things that make me rage-quit whatever I'm doing:

  • Car-centric urban design
  • The sisyphean task of vacuuming
  • Autoplay on websites and apps
  • The electoral college

When I'm not taking a methodical approach to color-coordinating my outfit, you can find me designing stickers for my shop, doing advocacy work with Strongly Worded Letters, or squishing my cat, Frankie's, bean pad paws.

"Johnny's Cat Frankie"Johnny's cat Frankie.

I'm loving the work I'm doing at Pixel Bakery so far (and all the free SNACKLINS...) and can't wait to keep growing and learning here.


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