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The Space You Create In Matters

I’m a firm believer that the space you create in dictates what the end result of your project will be.
Karley JohnsonKarley Johnson
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Written by the one and only Karley Johnson
The Space You Create In Matters, by Karley Johnson
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I'm a firm believer that the space you create in dictates what the end result of your project will be. As artists, or just creators in general it's not an easy task to always be creative. It's not an on/off switch, but rather a mix of the perfect circumstances. I can say for myself that I haven't found my perfect haven, yet. Don't get me wrong, I can still be creative in the spaces I currently work in, but sometimes I wonder if there's more that I can give had the circumstances been perfect. I can definitely reminisce on projects where I felt like I went above and beyond, and the space I was working in definitely was a factor. Unfortunately spaces are sometimes fleeting, and when you're just about to feel like you found your place, you have to find a new one. I guess that's the great thing about being a creative, maybe you're not just restrained to one perfect space, maybe you have many. I envy those of you who are active travelers and can find their place to be creative anywhere they go. For the rest of us, we have to work with what we have. Like I said, I haven't found my perfect haven yet, but I have found some spaces that make me feel more creative than average so I will lend my knowledge to you.

Coffee shops are the first things that come to mind when I think of a cool and creative workspace where many people are utilizing their different artistic talents, but not all coffee shops are created equal. You need to find one with the least amount of distraction, and a nook of sorts that allows you to envelop in your thoughts. Don't go to the most actively busy coffee shop in the city and expect to be able to dive into your work, because you won't. I've tried it many times.

If you're a student, this one is for you. Some of the greatest and most creative sessions I've had were probably in college. There were many nights when I spent hours in the printmaking studio aimlessly creating. I can remember all of the little details that made the space feel like I could do anything. The flickering lights, the silkscreens, the letterpress and all of its perfectly organized casted letters. It's spaces like these, where you can specifically remember why the space was special that lets you know you're close to your haven. I challenge you to explore the creative spaces available while you're in college, especially at night. You'll see the remnants left behind of past creators and their creations truly make you feel inspired.

My final recommendation would be to get outside, go to a park (preferably away from all of the excitable children on the playground) and just relax. Take in the environment around you, feel the dirt, listen to the birds, let the wind wisp through your hair. Nature is so incredibly inspiring, and one of the most perfect places I've found to brainstorm lots of ideas for upcoming projects.

I'm still a relatively young creator, so I know that finding my perfect haven will take some time, but I'm always exploring and like to give whatever knowledge I can give. If you feel like you're in a rut with ideas or just creating in general, know that you are not alone and this is something that all artists run into. Sure, we all wish that we could be creative 100% of the time, but we're all human and sometimes we need to be just that.

Keep exploring, you'll find your place.


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