PB Receives Prosper Lincoln Step Up Award

We’re honored to be selected as the latest Prosper Lincoln Step Up award recipient!
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Written by the one and only Karley Johnson
PB Receives Prosper Lincoln Step Up Award, by Karley Johnson
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We're honored to be selected as the latest Prosper Lincoln Step Up award recipient! Positively impacting our community is a pillar of our company's values. We're excited to collaborate with Future Builders again soon.

When Pixel Bakery first started, all we had was passion, determination, and a lot of coffee. We had a dream that we could do more than just get a menial 9-to-5 job at a major agency. We were determined to prove that individuals have the power to make great things happen. That's why we took on the task of mentoring the talented students of Prosper Lincoln's Lincoln Builders Summer Internship.

Pixel Bakery taught them the basic principles of design and discussed why design-thinking was so important in starting any successful business. We helped them design a product (t-shirts) and a create a marketing system. We don't take any credit for this part, but these teens actually paid back their loan, sold out of shirt designs, and made a profit - in one day. This experience was incredible as it was humbling. To see these passionate high school students thrive in their business was one of the more fulfilling moments in our history as a company.

Young people are our future. We especially want to thank Prosper Lincoln's Rich Claussen for giving us the opportunity to work with these future professionals. Another big thank you to Lincoln Journal Star for making us look great in the picture! We don't know how you did it.

If you want to listen to Jordan wing a speech in front of the mayor and about 200 other important people, look no farther here.

You can check out the original Lincoln Journal Star article here.


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