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Gluten-Free Options Now Available

Howdy y'all. I am excited to say that I am Pixel Bakery's new certified gluten-free baker.
Rachel DempseyRachel Dempsey
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Written by the one and only Rachel Dempsey
 Gluten-Free Options Now Available , by Rachel Dempsey
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Howdy y'all. I am excited to say that I am Pixel Bakery's new certified gluten-free baker. My name is Rachel Dempsey and in retrospect I am just the new multimedia designer, but that doesn't fit the punny bakery brand that was presented to me when I was hired.

Anyway, here's a bit (or maybe a lot) about me!!

Country music 🤠 #heckyes

Before you judge, plz don't! I am not talking about pop country… that stuff is 💩. I am talking about what I like to call cowboy country!! Artists like Zach Bryan, Cody Johnson, CHRIS STAPLETON are my soulmates.

I am one of the few who actually enjoys using Apple Music, so if you are also part of the AM gang you can check out what I am talking about @rjdempseyy

I am an Italian who can't eat Gluten 🥲 #rip

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a condition where my body is unable to break down all things containing (or exposed) to gluten. I am not gonna lie, having Celiac's sucks, especially since I've always been an avid food connoisseur and have grown up on the Italian diet of pasta at every meal. I could talk about this lovely disease for days, so just know if you also struggle with the challenges of Celiac Disease you are not alone!

Reading 📚 is my new found obsession #booktokclub

I have always enjoyed reading, but with school it was difficult for me to concentrate or even find time for it. This past summer I decided to get back into it and now I'm obsessed. I love it because now I find myself reaching for a book instead of scrolling on my phone or flipping through channels on the TV. Check me out on Goodreads @rjdempseyy if you want to see what I am currently reading :)

Has asthma 🤝 Loves running #yougoteczema

I am what some say is a triple threat, meaning I was blessed with allergies, eczema, and asthma. With that, sports presented a few challenges for me growing up. I couldn't play soccer because I'm allergic to grass, basketball and volleyball put strain on my asthma, and to be frank I just sucked at softball.

However, running is where I found my place! I started off as a sprinter all throughout grade school and high school and now I've transitioned to long distance. The act of running helps me clear my mind and gets me moving outside. I have done two half-marathons & currently training for my third one coming up this fall!

The female Chandler Bing 😂 #OHMYGOD

I live for sarcasm, snarky remarks, & smart-ass statements! It's as simple as that! 🤷‍♀️

Design is my passion ❤️‍🔥 #gettingsenti

I am currently in my final semester at the UNL studying Graphic Design and Advertising. When asked what I want to do after graduation, I tend to say IDK!! But, one of my goals is to continue to immerse myself in the world of design. Whether that'd be working at an agency, design studio, freelancing, or all of the above. In the end, I hope to use my love for design to help others fulfill their own passions and dreams.

I hope these facts allowed you to get a better sense of the new baker at the bakery. Now it's time for me to get to work because I've been working on this blog post for way too long and I tend to be a rambler… if you haven't noticed. But, if you want to know more, or want to connect with me follow me on Instagram @rjdempseyy

Bye now ✌️

Rachel Dempsey


New Hire
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