Rachel Dempsey, Multimedia Designer at Pixel Bakery Design Studio
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Rachel Dempsey

Multimedia Designer

Rachel is in her last semester at the UNL studying Graphic Design and Advertising. She loves anything and everything when it comes to art & design. When not in class or working, Rachel loves to head out for a run or stay inside with a good book. If you ever get a chance, ask her about having Celiac Disease & she’ll show you her tattoo of the certified GF logo (this is not a joke). Despite being allergic to gluten, Rachel loves to cook, bake and eat lots of delicious tasting food.

Alma Mater

University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Joined PB

August 2022

Favorite Thing

Country Music

Least Favorite Thing


Favorite Movie

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Most Hated Bird

Pterodactyl (why is it spelled like that?)


Running, being gluten-free, & reading

Personal Aesthetic

Alergic To Everything


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