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Using animation to drive political involvement

Liberties Journal is a non-partisan nonprofit located in Washington, D.C. devoted to educating the general public about the history, current trends, and possibilities of culture and politics.

HGCreative was commissioned by Liberties Journal to develop a promotional video, with the objective of enhancing journal subscriptions. The initial stage involved a deep understanding of the target demographic, with careful crafting of creative ideas to appeal to potential subscribers.

When HGCreative needed top-notch animation for the Liberties Journal project, they reached out to Pixel Bakery to bring their vision to life. It was a great opportunity, and we were ready for the challenge. The collaboration was intensive, involving numerous discussions to ensure the final video product faithfully represented the foundation's mission to inform today’s cultural and political leaders, nurture citizen understanding, and inspire the next generation to involve themselves in the democratic process.

While HGCreative focused on developing the vision and scriptwriting, Pixel Bakery was trusted with creating a 30-second animation that encapsulated the essence of Liberties Journal. Through a meticulous process that included storyboarding, asset design, and visual synchronization, the animation was designed to be both concise and captivating. We worked closely together, and the collaboration felt natural.

The project was a success, and we were proud to contribute our skills without overshadowing our partners at HGCreative. It was teamwork at its best.

Key Message: Liberties, a journal of Culture and Politics, is published quarterly in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer by Liberties Journal Foundation and is an invaluable resource to those who wish to educate and engage in the current cultural and political climate.

Target Audience

Understanding the target audience was a critical component in the creation of Liberties Journal's promotional video and animated video campaign. The target audience was carefully analyzed and can be divided into key segments:

  1. Existing Subscribers: Geographically, the focus was on readers from New York, the East Coast, and Washington, D.C. These areas are home to a well-established readership, interested in both literary themes and foreign policy.

  2. Potential Subscribers: Liberties Journal aimed to attract readers who are already subscribers to publications such as the New York Times and the New Yorker. They represent a discerning demographic seeking in-depth insights into culture and politics.

  3. Educational Background: College-educated individuals, including those with higher degrees such as doctorates, were identified as a core segment. This audience values intellectual exploration, and Liberties Journal's focus on complex themes is aligned with their interests.

The collaboration between Pixel Bakery and HGCreative in crafting the animated storytelling was guided by these specific audience characteristics. The content was strategically tailored, with visuals, tone, and messaging designed to appeal to these unique segments.

By honing in on the specific needs and interests of both existing and potential subscribers, the animated video campaign succeeded in resonating with the desired readership, enhancing both engagement and conversion rates.

Why Pixel

The product/creative vision was excellent, but the direct communication at each step of the atypical project provided great solace for our team. It was great to have such reliability in a production partner. Also, the dedication/investment in creating the best product by providing necessary script changes was very helpful.

I really couldn't be happier, and look forward to continuing to work together!

Kate DiPasquale is the Manager & Strategist of Pixel Bakery's client, undefined.

Kate DiPasquale

Manager & Strategist
Animated product highlight video done for HGCreative and the Liberties Journal publication

Company Profile

The HGCreative team combines the roots of a traditional political media firm with the innovation of a targeted digital agency, amplifying their clients' messages in clear and compelling ways, to reach audiences both on TV and on the go.

With 20+ years of communications experience, HGCreative helps develop and create ads that cut through the clutter and strategies that work hard so voters don’t have to.

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