Molly Hobson Vaida, Project Manager at Pixel Bakery Design Studio
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Molly Hobson Vaida

Project Manager

Molly has worked in the arts and culture sector since she graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha. Having worked every position from curator to janitor, she developed a love for supporting creative projects.. Along with her work as the “Scheduling General” at Pixel Bakery, she runs a curation service called Landlock Gallery that works with Nebraska artists to coordinate and promote local art shows and programs.

She enjoys snuggling with her Australian shepherd Charlie, sending anime memes to her husband and reading books about old houses.

She has to eat gluten free and hates everything about that.

Alma Mater

University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Joined PB

August 2022

Favorite Thing

Camping in the fall

Least Favorite Thing

Having their headphone cord catch on something and be pulled out of their ears.

Favorite Movie

Lord of the Rings | The Two Towers

Most Hated Bird



Drawing cartoons, straightening artwork in public spaces and waving at babies.

Personal Aesthetic

1990's Sitcom Mom


  • Capricorn
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
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