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Telling a story in 15 seconds

We produced a 15-second hybrid video—consisting of video production and animation to be used a YouTube pre-roll for TBL. The goal of this video is to create awareness and generate leads. The opportunity in front of us is to be the first impression of the Body Lab to their audience.

Our goal is to showcase TBL as the research-based, boutique chiropractic solution they are and highlight some of their services: dry needling, cupping, sports rehab.

Key Message: The Body Lab is an athlete’s first and only research-based solution to any physical discomfort they’re experiencing.

Target Audience

The target audience consists of local athletes in their upper 20s to mid-40s. These folks are at their peak physically and have disposable income to aid in their journey to fitness.

Our audience prioritizes health and can be found in the gym regularly as well as spending most of their weekends active in their sport. The audience is top of funnel, meaning that in the user journey they are likely searching for information about chiropractic or physical therapy.

Company Profile

The Body Lab is a boutique chiropractic studio based in Lincoln that caters specifically to athletes. The idea was born out of a need for a more research based chiropractic solution.

The Body Lab works to change the narrative as it applies to chiropractic work. Chiropractic isn’t just for neck or back pain, and all of the horror stories associated will be long forgotten after a client’s experience at The Body Lab. TBL gets athletes and understands that you can’t just tell people “if it hurts, stop doing it.”

They use a combination of cutting-edge chiropractic and rehabilitative techniques to keep their client’s bodies moving the way they were meant to. Their vibe is sophisticated, honest, and they dabble in some sarcasm.

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