Mitchell Guynan, Cinematographer at Pixel Bakery Design Studio
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Mitchell Guynan


Mitchell is a recent graduate from UNL’s Emerging Media Arts program with emphases in cinematic arts and virtual production. He loves kicking back and playing video games with his buds, or should the weather allow it, a skate session around the neighborhood waving at all the dogs he passes. Mitchell gets a huge kick out of showing people his comic book collection, talking shop about the newest camera that just released, or cracking a dad joke when everyone least expects it.

Alma Mater

University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Joined PB

June 2022

Favorite Thing

Baja Blast

Least Favorite Thing

Stubbing my toe

Favorite Movie

The Green Night

Most Hated Bird

Ostriches. Their necks freak me out.


Comics, Skating, Cooking, Hiking

Personal Aesthetic

Indie Dad at Comic Con


  • scorpio
  • virgo
  • virgo
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Mitchell has since moved on from PB.

And we miss them very much.

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