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Making waves in the world of agricultural finance with Figured

As one of the most advanced and widely used farming financial management tools, Figured helps the entire team responsible for a successful harvest get the job done. From the farmers themselves to the accountants crunching the numbers, Figured improves profitability, efficiency, and sustainability for generations to come.

Pixel Bakery was charged with filming two customer testimonial videos that highlight all the ways Figured helps a variety of folks in the agricultural community run their businesses and increase their market savvy. We got both ag-community thought leaders and farmers in front of a camera to share the impact it’s made on their lives, and the results were nothing short of magical.

1. JC Ag Financial Services Case Study: Centered around the dynamic duo, Jarod Creed and Jess Janssen, this video captures the influence of Figured on their decision-making processes. As seasoned public speakers, Creed and Janssen, alongside a local farmer, articulate the tangible and intangible benefits of partnering with Figured.

2. Dickenson and Clark Case Study: This video delves deeper into the farmer's perspective, highlighting the transformative impact of Figured on their day-to-day operations and long-term vision.

Key Message: Figured helps the farming team make better business decisions, improving the profitability and sustainability of farming now and for future generations.

Industry: SaaS Video Production

Dickenson and Clark Case Study:



Blending drone footage with down to earth moments between family members in a corn field kept the visuals cutting edge and messaging strong. We wanted to impress upon the audience that Figured is just as much a member of these agricultural teams as the folks using the tool.

On top of shooting gorgeous footage, we worked hard to convey the emotional benefits of working with Figured. When money is taken care of, everyone is happy, and we channeled that energy into two energetic, warm-toned final cuts.

Spotlighting the impact that this technology will have on farmers's ability to successfully pass on their legacy was key: shots of farmer Kelly Garrett laughing with his sons create a light hearted atmosphere, all while reminding the viewer that these are the joyful moments that come as a result of a job well done.

Company Portrait

More than a mere financial instrument, Figured is the vanguard of farm financial management and planning. With its capability to provide real-time insights, it paints an accurate tableau of a farm's fiscal health. Its brilliance is in fostering collaboration among farmers, consultants, accountants, and bankers.

Through its lens, decisions are refined, profitability escalates, channels of communication widen, and tales of enduring success are sculpted.

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