Country Stampede
Country Stampede 2022

Video Production
Drone / Aerial Videography
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Hanging out with Jake Owen

Country Stampede is one of our oldest video production clients. For the past six summers, we've traveled down to Kansas to capture the magic of one of America's largest country music festivals. From getting muddy down in the rowdy camp grounds, to capturing the joy of a child's first concert, we show the world what makes Country Stampede great. Oh, and Jake Owen doesn't wear socks on stage. Fun fact.

A majority of each day is spent in the field filming. Once we get back to the hotel, it's editing time. Our goal is to hype the festival up, so we turn around daily recap edits in less than 4 hours each day. Once the dust has settled and we've made it back to a shower in Nebraska, we produce a full, longer-format summary video of the entire weekend.

Day 01 Recap


Day 02 Recap


Day 03 Recap


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