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A Day in the Life of an NDOT Employee

In Nebraska, where the highways are the arteries of the state, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) ensures their efficient functioning. However, with a challenge in employee retention, the department needed an innovative solution and there was a clear need to shine a light on the rewarding careers within NDOT.

Enter Pixel Bakery, tasked with video production for creating an engaging social media and YouTube video series series to capture the essence of the daily life of NDOT's employees.

Objective: To boost NDOT's appeal as an employer of choice through documentary-style recruitment videos, providing an inside look into the diverse roles at NDOT.

Industry: Government Video Production

Watch the Series

01: Highway Maintenance

In this video, we interviewed Darius Carey, senior Highway Maintenance Worker, joined by Crew Chiefs Lorrie Daubs and Jacob Brooks, and delved into the world of highway maintenance in Nebraska. Carey discusses his growth from a novice to a seasoned worker, thanks to his dedicated team.

Daubs stands out and thrives in a male-dominated field, highlighting the vital community role they play. The video underscores NDOT's commitment to employee well-being and work-life balance, ending on a note of boundless opportunities at NDOT.


02: Bio Engineer

An interview with Ben Trenne, an Environmental Specialist III. He shares his lifelong passion for nature, from childhood excursions to pursuing a biology degree in college. Working with the Department of Transportation, he cherishes the financial stability and flexibility he receives, allowing him to explore various parts of the state and engage with diverse groups.

Every day brings a new experience, and the joy lies in the knowledge that they're positively impacting the ecosystem. Trenne appreciates the rich opportunities and support that NDOT provides him.


03: Diesel Mechanics

In this interview, Tyler Werner discusses his college training in diesel technology and the diverse repairs he undertakes. Klint Saner shares his transition from exhaustive hours at a car dealership to a more balanced role with NDOT. Rich Mai talks about the legacy his family has with the organization, underscoring the long-term benefits like retirement. Collectively, they highlight the rewards of being a diesel mechanic at NDOT.


04: Construction Technician

In this interview, John Wunderlich speaks on the transition from a job in private construction to a more secure career at NDOT, especially in light of his growing family. Elizabeth Bercot highlights the gender-neutral opportunities she has encountered during her decade-long tenure in construction at NDOT. Alex Arthur and Landen Scheffler discuss the diverse roles they play, from drafting to surveying, ensuring the safety of the traveling public.

Across the board, there's an appreciation for the work-life balance, job security, and the fulfillment derived from positively impacting countless lives every day by ensuring road safety.


05: Engineers

Cameron Craig, a Construction Engineer, highlights the growth opportunities at the Department of Transportation. The department offers tailored training, enabling engineers to transition from field inspections to design work. Besides educational support like tuition assistance, NDOT boasts numerous job openings and chances for professional advancement. Cameron emphasizes the shared sense of purpose among colleagues, turning the job into a collective mission they're passionate about.


Strategy & Execution

1. Research & Pre-production: Pixel Bakery initiated the project by scheduling interviews with diverse representatives of NDOT roles. These roles included highway maintenance workers, construction techs, environmental biologists, auto diesel mechanics, and engineers.

2. Capturing Seasons: Ensuring a well-rounded portrayal, content captured spanned both summer and winter, reflecting Nebraska's varied seasonal landscape and the changing nature of NDOT jobs throughout the year.

3. Emotion & Setting: The videos were infused with heavy nostalgia. Shots were carefully curated to capture the relationship between NDOT employees and their community. Whether it was an NDOT truck passing a young girl on a tricycle or a friendly exchange with a local veteran, the visuals highlighted community connection and pride.

4. Key Message: At its heart, the series echoed a clear sentiment ā€“ NDOT is a stellar place to kickstart and grow one's career, a message essential for effective recruitment videos.

5. Diversity Focus: Conscious efforts were made to ensure diversity was front and center. Pixel Bakery ensured a broad representation in terms of gender, race, age, and other demographics, emphasizing NDOT's inclusive culture.

6. Concluding Note: The series culminated with a video dedicated to new hires, incorporating footage from the previous videos. This video not only welcomed the new employees but also thanked them for joining the NDOT family.

Why Pixel

From the Client:

"The Pixel Bakery team traveled to various locations across the State, met with our teammates, interviewed them about their experiences, shadowed them during their workdays to capture "a day in the life" of their specific jobs, and put together various videos showcasing these teammates and the important work they perform.

From beginning to end, the Pixel Bakery team provided excellent service and delivered an exceptional product for us. Not only did they display the highest degree of professionalism and skill in regard to customer service, communication, follow up, relationship building, ideation, creativity, and technical expertise, they were highly personable and enjoyable to work with and really took a sincere and genuine interest in all of our teammates and in the work we do at NDOT.

From start to finish, every Pixel Bakery team member delivered exceptional service. The communication and follow up was exceptional. The created concept was exceptional. The delivery was exceptional. Timelines were met and Pixel Bakery teammates made themselves available, flexible, and adaptable at each turn of the project.

The outcome was spectacular and well received by all of the stakeholders statewide. An added bonus - besides being great at what they do, the Pixel Bakery team is highly enjoyable to work with and really personalized every aspect of this project, leaving everybody they met and worked with, highly impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and the finished product. They truly took an interest in the work we do at NDOT and in each individual teammate they worked with and built a relationship with. Exceptional experience all around.

All levels of leadership at NDOT up to the Director's Office have expressed their appreciation of the finished product. I highly recommend Pixel Bakery to any prospective customer and they will be our first call for future projects."

Todd Ludwig is the Talent Acquisition Manager of Pixel Bakery's client, Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Todd Ludwig

Talent Acquisition Manager

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