Maddie Hahn, Studio Manager at Pixel Bakery Design Studio
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Maddie Hahn

Studio Manager

Maddie joined the Pixel Bakery team as studio manager, which basically means she does a little bit of everything to make sure that the studio runs as smoothly as a freshly baked butter-soft bun. She graduated with a double major in journalism and advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln during a global pandemic, not ideal but it led her here! People are always saying that they'd never go back to their first 'real-world' job, but I never want to leave mine.

Alma Mater

University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Favorite Thing


Least Favorite Thing

close mindedness

Favorite Movie

girl, interrupted

Most Hated Bird



photography, painting, cooking/baking

Joined PB

september 2021

Personal Aesthetic

high-fashion hippie


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  • ☽ virgo
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Maddie has since moved on from PB.

And we miss them very much.

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