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Nebraskans Love Two Things: Football & Food

To celebrate Nebraska's loyalty and tradition, Amigos Restaurant partnered with Jeff Sims, quarterback for the Nebraska Huskers. Drawing parallels between Sims' dual skills as a quarterback and the combination of a Soft Taco and Crisp Meat Burrito in the meal, Amigos sought to resonate with the deep-rooted football and food passion of Nebraska's citizens.

After our video production wrapped up, the commercial made its debut on all regional TV stations. Beyond traditional media, it gained traction online as a Hulu ad, appeared as a YouTube pre-roll, and was actively shared and promoted on social media platforms.

Despite shooting conditions being challenging at over 100 degrees outside, the team managed to execute the shoot successfully. The video managed to capture the essence of the message, while subtly nudging viewers to try the new combo meal, particularly with the enticing Amigos' ranch.

Key Message: Amigos is a perfect blend of tradition, hardwork, food, and football.

Industry: Corporate Video Production

Company Profile

Amigos is a cherished restaurant based in Nebraska, renowned for its delightful fusion of authentic flavors and local traditions. Established as a testament to Nebraska's rich culinary heritage, Amigos offers an array of mouth-watering dishes, from the famed "Jeff Sims Combo" to their signature ranch.

With a commitment to crafting meals from scratch and a reputation built on years of trust, this long-standing Nebraska eatery stands as a beacon of loyalty, quality, and the unmatched passion of the Nebraskan community for both football and food.

Jeff Sims posing with the production crew after wrapping on the Jeff Sims Combo video production

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