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Bringing an app to life with movement

Firework approached Pixel Bakery to create a 60”–90” animated video with dashes of footage provided by the client and taken by us throughout. This video is largely text on screen and included us taking their already-existing UI/UX app components and bringing them to life. The goal of this video was to explain who Firework is and what problem they are solving.

Key Message: Firework is the innovative new video commerce solution for keeping shoppers engaged and raising ROI.

Target Audience: Their target audiences are large to midsize brands, retailers, and publishers like WalMart, TULA Skincare, and Condé Nast among many others.

Industry: SaaS and Startups


Trade Show Video

in addition to the main animated explainer, we also developed a live action video of content creators going through their day-to-day life creating content with the awesome free gifts that Firework is giving out at their tradeshow booth.

Company Profile

Firework is the world’s largest video commerce solution for brands, retailers and publishers. They bring interaction and community engagement to a brand’s digital storefront through livestream and shoppable video. Their vision is to redefine the future of commerce stores.

They execute on this vision by bringing video commerce to the world. They want to revolutionize commerce for people and brands through the power of human connection. Firework enables organizations to bring new levels of authenticity and connection to online video experiences, speaking to digital natives in the language they understand—and taking control of their own customer data. Today, Firework partners with over 1000 clients, with a global footprint in over 37 countries.

Why Pixel

"Loved working with the PB team. Each person brought key strengths and I really appreciated the collaboration."

Meg Siegel is the VP of Brand of Pixel Bakery's client, Firework.

Meg Siegel

VP of Brand
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