3D Model: Polaroid Camera

Jordan LambrechtJordan Lambrecht
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Written by the one and only Jordan Lambrecht



I'm really fascinated with the visceral human instinct to interact with things that are tangible. That is, we need to touch, feel, and collect objects to unlock their joy. As we move closer and closer to the future of cloud computing and Instagram likes, we lose more and more opportunities to do so and we innately try to adapt. We find ourselves falling back on outdated, analog technology so we can return to that sensation. High Culture blends the old and the new which results in seemingly super silly, counter-intuitive trends like taking a picture of a Polaroid and posting it to social media (I'm guilty of this too). Long story short: I thought it would be really funny to take all of my polaroids and stretch that weird human tendency even further by 3D modeling them in Cinema 4D.

Jk I just thought it would be fun to make.


3D Model
3D Render
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