Day 2

I stayed fairly productive all day, continuing to hone in and solidify a strong mood board for Pixel Bakery’s style guide.
Sophie Lorenz
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Written by Sophie Lorenz
Day 2, by Sophie Lorenz
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I stayed fairly productive all day, continuing to hone in and solidify a strong mood board for Pixel Bakery's style guide. I finished up the initial three, and met with both Jordan and Tony to discuss what elements were and weren't working. I made sure to justify my reasoning behind each, and pointed out that some elements may be a bit more easier for me to achieve within the short amount of time I will be working with them. They both gave me an honest and constructive critique. The early half of the afternoon was spent refining that one mood board.

They also informed me that they would like me to tinker with their current logo and see if I can adjust the hierarchy and placement. They've grown a bit bored with their current logo(s), and want to see something that is a bit more cohesive throughout their branding. It's one thing to design a hypothetical logo within the classroom, but to actually be responsible for a real, credible client is a bit nerve-wracking, but super fun!

During the later half of the afternoon, Tony, Jordan and I met up with Ellie, the owner of Farine + Four, a bakery that has yet to open in Omaha. Pixel Bakery will be designing a fully customized website from scratch for her with interactive elements to engage her target audience. Tony and Jordan bounced landing page ideas off her, as well as ways to incorporate interactivity within her company values. Ellie came prepared with a mood board and some inspiration sites. Nothing about the client meeting was really new or shocking to me. Each party discussed what would be needed from the other in order to created a successful website. It was fun to be able to participate from time to time. We also spent a good 10 minutes debating on whether or not a photo from an inspiration site was 3D rendered or not 🙂

Overall, it was a productive day! I gained some new insight on getting feedback from a tangible company and working alongside a real client.


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