Tiny Chef

2d animation
film production
Video Editing
Set Design
Casting & Talent Management
Sound design
Color grading
Creative concepting
Scripting & storyboarding
Roll-out marketing plan

Bringing a Tiny Chef with big, keto-friendly ideas to life.

The SOLA Company is a low-carb, low-sugar, keto-friendly brand that came to Pixel Bakery looking to make an animated explainer video showcasing their bread.

We had previously worked with SOLA in the live-action realm and were extremely excited to see what we could do for them within another specialty of ours - animation.


The live-action portion of this project consisted of hiring a production crew to assist in bringing the Tiny Chef Magic to life. The video production team included a director, gaffer, grip, assistant camera, and a FOOD STYLIST (how legit). Maria Smal, Pixel Bakery's social media manager, was pegged as the perfect candidate to be cast as the homeowner for the video.


  • Maria Smal
    Disgruntled Baker
  • Jordan Lambrecht
    Creative Director
  • Michael Hennings
    Director of Photography
  • Karley Johnson
    Executive Producer
  • Cody Jones
    First Camera Assistant
  • Madeline Christensen
    Script Writer
  • Daniel Hinz
  • Aaron Smith
  • Scott Pittock
  • Melissa Young
    Food Stylist
  • Hannah Klemme
    Production Assistant
  • Miranda Cannon
    Production Assistant

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