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Bringing informative pup videos to social feeds forwarding brand awareness and recognition.

PupBox, a subscription box service catering to new puppy owners, already had great content on their social media. The only catch was that it was almost solely generated by their following — subscribers sent in their personal puppy pics to be shared on the feed. While the posts got a lot of attention, they weren’t translating to more subscription sales.

We came in to produce some video marketing content for their feed that combined cute pup vids with informational tidbits and a call to action using some motion elements. The videos provide some in-feed entertainment (who doesn’t love puppies?) while giving the PupBox brand a voice.

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods


'We rounded up three puppies to be our stars and created a few loose story boards to showcase each pup alongside stacks of PupBox subscription boxes.

The biggest thing we’ve learned from working with animals is you can’t go in expecting anything to go the way you planned. However, throughout hours of puppy wrangling (and getting more creative than you ever thought possible in order to get a 2-month-old golden retriever to take a toy out of a box), there’s nothing better than when a magical moment happens on camera.

In post production, we brought in some basic motion elements and color to elevate PupBox’s brand, including bouncy kinetic type and subtle movement for their logo.

We packaged three videos for PupBox to use as native advertising in their social feeds that work toward brand awareness and recognition.

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