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2d animation
3d animation
Motion design
Sound design
Color grading
Product Photography
Kinetic typography
Creative concepting
Scripting & storyboarding
Roll-out marketing plan

An on-brand animation highlighting all of its health benefits.

Karma Nuts is the alternative to the oil-fried cashews that we normally seen on supermarket shelves. These cashews are Wrapped®, giving them an irresistible crunch. We came in to spread the word about this tasty snack by creating a brand video that highlights all its awesome benefits.

The goal was to create a cool and colorful 30-second, e-commerce animation that Karma Nuts could place to quickly tell the story of their products. Using the mandala-shaped logo as inspiration, we wanted to play with all the different flavors of nuts intertwining while giving it a bohemian flare.


Karma Nuts wanted the video to showcase their Wrapped® cashews in 30-seconds while making sure to highlight all the important health benefits. After examining their brand, we knew we wanted to make something with engaging with a lot of small moving parts. It needed to catch the audience instantly and hold them until the end by dazzling the eye with color and shape. The first step was the script. We made sure to include all of the health benefits in a short amount of time without it sounding like a shopping list. Once we got the tone set, we moved on to product photography.

There is quite an assortment of flavors with two different sizes of packaging, so we had to diligently make sure to note each cashew. Using a green screen, we placed out the cashews making it easy to cut out for later. We then shot the snack packs and larger containers until we hit each of the flavors. After we meticulously cut out each nut and package, we moved into After Effects.

The end result is a captivating and colorful animation that is on-brand for Karma Nuts. You can check out this video on Amazon, their website, and social media.


  • Jordan Lambrecht
    Creative Director
  • Karley Johnson
    Art Director
  • Madeline Christensen
    Lead Animator
  • Tyler Loebig
  • Kaitlyn Pfannenstiel
    Account Executive

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