ONYX Coffee Labs

Coffee Process Animation

2d animation
Motion design
Creative Concepting
Script Writing
Sound design

Showing the world what makes ONYX different

This animation takes the viewer on a journey through ONYX's unique coffee process. In 45-seconds, we outline a the major points that set ONYX apart from competitors: quality/excellence, transparency, and sustainability. The goal for this project was to increase awareness of ONYX to the mass consumer and drive new coffee subscriptions.

We catered this project towards a direct-to-consumer audience. Not “coffee people”, as is their usual customer. The consumers we're talking to are peopple who are interested in good coffee and ethical practices at whatever the cost. This audience may have no experience with ONYX yet, so we introduce them to the whole concept of their business.

Key Message: ONYX is the highest quality coffee made ethically and with sustainable practices.

Company Profile

ONYX COFFEE LAB is on a pilgrimage to find quality, truth and accountability in coffee. They journey to find the finest and most unique coffees in the world.

ONYX is focused on bringing transparency, unprecedented hospitality service / training, and the absolute best coffee offerings to their customers. Their intention as a brand is to change customers' outlook on the coffee industry by taking them on every step of the journey. They want to shine a light on the farmers and producers who grow this wonderful coffee, the cafes and baristas who serve their coffee, and the people who advocate for their brand.


  • Jordan Lambrecht
    Executive Producer
  • Samee Callahan
    Creative Director
  • Daniel Hinz
    Animation Lead
  • Rebecca Cook
    Storyboards + Asset Creation
  • Molly Hobson
    Project Manager

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