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Showing off why Lincoln's power grid is unique with motion design

LES (Lincoln Electrical System) is all about efficiency. Providing some of the lowest rates in the country and always striving to operate in ways that benefit their communities, LES has been proud to power many homes for over 55 years. Pixel Bakery was tasked with refreshing their Animated Rates Explainer Video to properly showcase everything that makes LES wonderful. Our stylistic approach was inspired by minimalism, reliance on simple kinetic type, and clever use of color.

The goal of this animated explainer video is to educate the audience on where their money goes every month, as LES is very transparent about all they do. As a public power utility, they are committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. This animation allows their audience to feel empowered by the knowledge they’ve gained about the electrical system, and encourages them to continue trusting in LES to provide their power.

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