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Illuminating an Installation

We worked with KANEKO to tease their latest and possibly greatest exhibition, Light. They wanted a video that encouraged people to check out the different pieces without giving too much away. By utilizing ambient sound captured from inside the museum itself, we crafted a short but beautiful preview of what there is to explore. Through poetry and visuals we were able to capture the essence of this one-of-a-kind exhibition'

Light has broken single day and overall attendance records and has been featured in prominent publications like the Omaha World Herald and Creative Boom. Across Facebook and Instagram, the video has been viewed nearly 13,000 times.

Industry: Nonprofit Video Production

Challenge & Solution

The ultimate challenge was discovering how to bring a fresh approach to the light videography that differs from work videographers have created for KANEKO in the past. Another challenge we faced is that the lighting in the gallery was difficult to capture. The gallery had low-lighting that made it difficult to obtain optimal-quality. We had taken a tour of the gallery before the shoot, but it was not complete so we did not know what to expect.

The key was to not show too much of the exhibit in the video. We wanted to tease the audience to the point where they were anxious to see more for themselves. Ultimately we wanted to create a piece that could stand on its own as art. We used color grating to eliminate blemishes from scenes in the video where you could see exit signs and individual’s reflections in pieces of art. This helped to eliminate distractions in the video and keep the audience attention.

Insights & Results

The videos that have been created for KANEKO in the past were designed primarily to showcase the entire exhibit. We wanted to showcase the light exhibit but also make a video that would pump up the viewers. The main focus of this video needed to be getting viewers excited about the exhibit and actually getting them to visit KANEKO.

The light video had an average of 603 plays per week from December 18th 2017 to February 18th 2018. As of February 13th, KANEKO had brought in over 20,000 visitors since the exhibit opened. This is the highest attendance rate in KANEKO history. The light video has been a valuable resource for KANEKO because they have been able to share it with media and press outlets.

Company Profile

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, KANEKO’s mission is to encourage and explore creativity. We deliver this mission through exhibitions, performances, lectures, and education. Collaboration, innovation, and uniqueness are the guiding principles for KANEKO programming. Kaneko was founded by Jun Kaneko, who is a Japanese-born American ceramic artist known for creating large scale ceramic sculpture.

Why Pixel

"Pixel Bakery added their own unique touch to our video project which enhanced the storytelling element. The attention to detail and extra touches made this video feel fresh and compelling."

Jenny Taylor-Patrick is the KANEKO Program Manager of Pixel Bakery's client, Kaneko in Omaha, Nebraska.

Jenny Taylor-Patrick

KANEKO Program Manager
Pixel Bakery scripted, storyboarded, and produced a video highlighting one of the most popular art installations to ever be shown at KANEKO.

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