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How that college on a hill grew into a University that is Doane.

To introduce their new school mission, vision, and values, Doane University wanted a video that showed their past, present, and future. They needed a way to captivate current and potential students and steer them toward their new vision.

That’s where we whipped up a sweet mixed-media animation to tell their story through a mix of images, kinetic typography, and a killer drumbeat.


After sifting through decades of photos and videos from throughout Doane’s history, we pulled together a timeline of material that would be set to a high-energy percussion track we remastered ourselves. We knew we wanted to build to a pivotal movement in the music where the animation switched from the past to the present.

Typography was the true hero of this video. We made sure to time out every beat to make each word pop with energy and significance. Once we got a feel for how the words and music would weave together, we sprinkled in images and video to further accentuate the look and feel.

The end product was a sweet mission roll-out video that’s sure to satisfy all typography and animation enthusiasts.

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