Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska
Awareness Campaign Series

2D Animation
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Scripting & Storyboarding
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Raising Awareness about the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska is a group providing advocacy and support for Nebraskans affected by brain injuries. We were tasked with creating animated explainers that would each cater to a different segment of their audience: individuals, the general public, and professionals who work with those impacted by brain injury. Through these three lenses, the clips provide insight into symptoms, statistics, and services related to brain injury.

The design process was driven by specific stipulations that put accessibility for the brain injury population at the forefront. We executed this through the use of 508/ADA compliant colors + visuals without compromising any aesthetic or creative integrity. Whether you're seeking help or looking for more information, the animations establish BIA-NE as the go-to resource for both.

Industry: Nonprofit Orginizations

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The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska provides support for the brain injury population as they rebuild their lives, restore their sense of purpose, and rebuild hope and optimism.

Through their individualized resource facilitation, BIA-NE aims to help those affected by these injuries get the specialized and group support they need. Their community-based approach supports their goal of bettering life for all Nebraskans by increasing common knowledge and service accessibility. They work hard to educate professionals in the field and everyday people alike about what brain injury looks like, its consequences, and provide access to necessary services and aid.

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