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After Effects Tutorial Importing Assets from Procreate

Payton Becwar
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Written by Payton Becwar

In this tutorial, Payton Becwar shows us how to export assets from Procreate and bring them into After Effects for animation.


Okay. Hi, my name's Peyton and I'm going to show you guys how to export, import a Procreate file, or Procreate animation, and put it into Adobe After Effects. What I'm going to do is I'm going to use two animations I made. One of them is just a background, so it's the scene four here. I'll show you that real quick. It's a very, very quick animation. It just goes underground there. So that's the background and then here's the text. And basically...

Here we'll look at this text real quick and I'll explain what it's for, what it is. It's basically just lyrics to a song and this is the first line of the song. So it's very fast. Like I said, very quick, but essential. Anyway, so what you're going to do is how to export this because we have to export it onto your... I'm using a MacBook Pro. I don't know if this... I mean, obviously I AirDrop everything. So I guess if you have another brand of device, this might not work. Probably won't. There's probably other loopholes. Anyway, this one in particular you have to go to this little gear here. And go to share, and then you have to export the animation as PNG files.

All right. And then once you AirDrop it to yourself, it should pop up and it should kind of look like this. All of your files should show up and they should probably all be in blue like that. Basically, just showing you that they all loaded and they're on your desktop now. But before you move everything to your desktop, put them in their own folder because it... Just do it because you're going to have to import it all together anyway. And it's a lot more neat and organized when you have everything in folders. This goes for the text, this goes for the background. I have scene four, since this is scene four of my animation. I have it described as though. So you know it's good to go. Now, we can go to After Effects. And then I already have one made.

I can show you how to import it real quick though. So how we are going to import this now. So we go to File, Import, and then it's just file. It's not multiple files. Trust me. I made that mistake and it didn't move. I don't know why an animation wouldn't be multiple files, but it's not. And it's just forewarning you. Let's go to desktop and find it ourselves. There it is. And then what you hit is you select the very first PNG, and then it should come up as PNG sequence down here. If it doesn't select it, all of this should be okay, just hit Open. And this is what you want. You want this little blue icon that's like a thousand photos. You're going to drag that down into your workspace.

And we have the text. Perfect. And now we need the background. So same exact thing. File, Import File. Find the folder on your desktop that I really hope you made because again, organized. Okay, there you go. Hit the first one and then PNG sequence. Make sure it's all good. Perfect. Open. And then that's over here again, the blue icon. That's what you need. But also, so I say organize everything on your desktop, but also you see how these two are named the exact same? I know that's the text because I've already made one and that shows up black for some reason. But to rename it, just do Ctrl, right-click.

Then, just rename it. So we're just going to name this Scene Four Text. Hopefully, that works for you. And then this is just scene four. This is the background. It's the only other scene four thing, so I think I should be okay. So we're going to pull it down. And then if this is in front, obviously, put it to the back. But oh, I actually imported it the right way so we're going to see what it looks like right now. Ready? It's going to look awful, but hey. Yep. Very fast. For some reason it has some place to be, it's on the run. It's I don't know... I don't know why it does that? It just always makes your Procreate animations 10 times fast. So to fix this issue, what you have to do is Ctrl, right-click again. And then hit Time and then Enable Time Remapping. And you do that for both of them.

And again, what this does it will create key frames, and you can kind of maneuver them. And depending on how far apart or how close you are together, that kind of determines how fast paced your animation is. Also, I see this composition is like... I think, how long? For no one second. Let's go to composition. Composition settings. And yeah, it's only at one second. I mean, that's fine. I don't think that it's that long anyway, but I always like doing four or five. Let's do five seconds. I don't know, just for the extra space if we need it.

We're not going to save this one. No offense. I have so many files. This is what it should look like. Again, it's very fast. It's not much different. To export it, it's just the same process as anything else. So I'm not going to explain that in depth. But yeah, I don't know. I think this is just a very intro to Procreate importing tutorial for you. Anyway, I hope you guys had fun. Nice to meet you. Have any summer plans? No, I'm kidding. Anyway, thank you guys for watching and have a great day. Bye.

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