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Making Text "Flicker" in After Effects

Vera Vestalo
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Written by Vera Vestalo


Vera Vestalo is here to show you how to make your text flicker in After Effects. Because let's be honest, nothing says "Pay attention to me!" quite like a flickering text.

A Quick Overview

Flickering text is a fantastic way to add a dynamic and attention-grabbing element to your projects. Whether you're creating a music video, a brand commercial, or just want to make your social media posts stand out, flickering text can be a show-stealer.

The Steps

1. Create a Text Layer

First off, Vera throws in a text layer and writes "hello." Simple, right? She suggests making the text white, at least for now, for better visibility.

2. Add a Glow Effect

Go to your "Effects and Presets" panel and type in "Glow." Drag and drop the effect onto your text. Instantly, your text should go from "meh" to "marvelous!"

3. Tinker with Opacity for the Flicker

Here’s where the magic happens:

  • Open your text object's transform settings.
  • Twirl down the opacity options.
  • Hold down the "Alt" key and click on the stopwatch next to "Opacity."
  • Type in wiggle() in the expression box that appears.

4. Dial in the Numbers

Vera likes to use 50 for the frequency and 100 for the amplitude. These numbers will control how often and how much your text flickers. Feel free to preview the flicker by hitting the spacebar. If it's too much or too little, you can always go back and change these numbers.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Vera points out that you can make the text flicker more intensely by using higher numbers, like 100 and 200. If subtlety is more your thing, lower numbers will do the trick.

Wrapping Up

And that, dear readers, is how you make your text flicker in After Effects, straight from the wise words of Vera Vestalo. This simple yet powerful technique will undoubtedly add some drama and flair to your next project. So go on, give your text the chance to shine—literally. 🌟

Your move, static text. Time for your flickering sibling to take the spotlight.




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