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After Effects: Making a Candle Flicker

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Written by Joe

In this After Effects tutorial, Joe covers how to add a very simple way of making the light off a candle flicker, which can easily be used on any light source, light bulb, corona of the sun etc.


All right, so how to make a candle look like it's flickering the easy way. So we're going to go over here, grab the shape tool, make a nice, black shape. Go over to the gradient tool, slap it on there just by clicking. Then we're going to over the freeform gradient and change our colors around. Let's make this yellow candle glow. And then this, you can put to white and change the opacity down to zero, and you're pretty much done.

You can kind of fool around with the changing of it. I'm not sure what that's called, probably the grading. So go ahead and get rid of this. No, let's see. Yeah, change that color. So we'll get rid of that and then we'll take it over to after effects, where I already have it imported and set up. We go over here to our light object layer, and we just change the opacity over time. We can even use easy ease. You could. You don't have to, but obviously up to you.


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