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Adding Tweens / Stop Motion Effect

Taylor Blanchard
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Written by Taylor Blanchard

In this After Effects tutorial, Taylor Blanchard covers how to create tweens to produce a stop motion effect.


All right, so for my tutorial, I really want to go over how I was able to get Tweens, or the in betweens between two bigger key point frames. Really all I did, and this helped me a ton, was I would just turn on and off the layers so I couldn't see them. I would just do this a lot. I would click a ton just to see if the animation looked pretty smooth or if it made sense and I would just go up the ladder. I focused a lot during leaves that would grow and see if it made sense, how they were growing. And then especially color changes too, I wanted to make sure the color changes made sense and were pretty smooth.

I think I used it most during my plant death scene where I would even just hover over and just see what it would look if it was moving kind of fast and playing almost like a video with the outlines. Again, I would click a lot and look at the colors and the shadows and just make sure everything ran smoothly. Even though it was a little tedious, I would have to do this quite a lot just to double check myself and make sure it looked okay, but it did end up helping quite a lot with making sure my Tweens looked good.

If you're kind of struggling with that, I suggest just messing with these. Even if you skip a scene, you can go back and see what would look good at that in between stage. I think it turned out pretty well with that method and it definitely made it a lot easier, even though I had to click a lot. Definitely just look and click and see how your animation is doing. If something doesn't feel right, maybe add a different layer and try clicking from the beginning one to this new one to see maybe if something else works better instead. That's all I really did and it ended up helping a lot, and I suggest that other people doing this to sort of scene by scene drawing type animation, try it out.


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