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A Surreal 3D world

We teamed up with Nelnet, a student financial services company headquartered in Lincoln, to bring the look and feel of their All Directors Conference (ADC) to life with 3D animation.

Playing off of the "futuristic" theme of the conference. we took the static ADC logo and delivered an animated "badge" to loop in and out of the lower third of various presentations. Going a step further, we provided a complete dynamic background for the logo to live in using Cinema 4D. This 3D environment became a platform to showcase data and company statistics in an exciting and immersive way.

Industry: Corporate Video Production


The tagline of Nelnet's ADC conference was "See Your Future. Be Your Future."

Nelnet sees this quote from their CEO as a rallying cry for the company, so it informed the whole look and feel of the conference. Nelnet wanted to ask its directors to be visionaries as well as catalysts for change---this manifested itself in the logo itself: the circle and protruding "V" signified seeing into the future.

With this in mind, the direction for an entire moving, 3D environment to further the brand came easily. We sketched out an otherworldly landscape, imagining the curves and slopes of the 2D logo as plateaus and hills in a futuristic, glowing world.

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