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After Effects: Turbulent Displace Use Case

Destiney Chitrodom
|3 min read

In this video, Destiney Chitrodom covers how to use the turbulent displace tool by showing her own animation as an example.

So today, I'm going to be teaching you guys how to use the turbulent displace tool in After Effects. For my animation, I use the effect to create steam as it is rising up from my mug of tea. Basically the turbulent displace tool is used to smoothly scramble or warp one of your objects. A lot of people use it to make fire, clouds, waves, and other things like that. So to start, I already messed with my position, scale, and opacity.

So I used position. You can see the position is more squiggly as it moves up, like steam does. And then I use the scale. So as it raised higher, the tee got smaller. And then the opacity, I also lowered that. So at the beginning, it's at 100%, but then as you go further into the animation, it lowers to zero, and starts to disappear. So for the turbulent displace effect, you can go up to your effects and panels and type in turbulent displace. And then you can just drag it into your animation.

And then there's this little effects panel. And then you can go in here like this. So the only two that I used to create the steam effect were the amount tool over here, and then the offset turbulence one. The amount is used to create better distortion, so the higher the amount here, the more distortion your object will have. And then the offset determines the shape that is used to create the distortion.

So to start, you can press the little stopwatch for amount. And I started it at zero, so it looks like a normal tea and then every second or so I just toggle around with the amount to make it distort more. And then I have it distorting more as the animation goes on. So yeah, I'll just do that. Just keep distorting it and then you can see how it's already distorting enough, and then I also so added the offset turbulence and I did the same thing where at one second, I will mess with the left one to give it even a more distortion among the shape that I have. I'm just going...

Okay. So that's all I did for this steam. And as you can see, it's moving along as it goes up. Depending on what your preference is, you can add more or bring them closer together. But yeah, that's how you do that.


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