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After Effects: Smoke Effect Using Wave Warp

Skylar Hoscheit
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Written by Skylar Hoscheit

In this After Effects tutorial, Sky Hoscheit covers the shape layer tool, pen tool, and how to use a wave warp to demonstrate a smoke effect.


Today, I'm going to demonstrate how to create a smoke effect. First, we'll start with our shape layer. I'm going to position it beneath our outer bottle. We are going to add a path. We will just go ahead and add the point where we would like the smoke to go. I'm going to reposition the composition to make sure that I can find the edge. Then we'll just do the same on the other side and close up our path.

Then we're going to go ahead and add a fill, and we will change that fill to a shade of gray. Then we're going to adjust the opacity. Then we are going to go and find our wave work, over in the effects menu. We'll just drag it onto our smoke layer. We are going to adjust the wave height to how we are wanting it. We are going to pin the top edge so that the effect does not mess with the top. You can't see the edges of it. Then we're going to change the position and direction of our smoke.

Now what we're going to do is we are just going to bring in our edges a little bit, so that the smoke does not pass the outer rim of the bottle. Then we are going to adjust the top layer to make sure that the smoke is reaching out further. Now, we are just going to mess with the bottom two points to make sure that the smoke is staying in the general vicinity of the cigar.

We are just going to adjust it every few frames. Now, I'm just going to demonstrate why we adjusted those bottom points and what happens if you do not adjust them.


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