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After Effects: Simple Tips for Compositions and Master Files

Eden Gose
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Written by Eden Gose

In this After Effects tutorial, Eden Gose goes over simple tips of how to set up compositions within a master file. She also demonstrated a slight camera pan without using the camera tool. She showcased her project two times, one at the beginning and end. This tutorial is simple to follow and can create a cohesive project that anyone wants to follow.


In today's tutorial, I will show you guys how I created my compositions and how I put them into a master file, and a super-simple way on how to do a camera movement not even using the camera tool. We're just going to pan across the screen very slightly. So first off, just some tips to help you guys set up everything and just make everything a lot easier. You can go ahead and have all of your compositions down here. So I have four scenes that will go into my master comp just so it's easier to work on all of these individually and in your master, you don't have a ton of stuff that you're working on. So all of these different scenes, you can set to however long you want them to be on the screen for. So most of these are five seconds. Some of mine are a little bit longer because in my master comp, I have it fading in because I have soft piano music.

So we're just going to go to the kitchen comp. We're going to have a new null object layer. And a null object is just an easier way to link everything to that null object and just move the null. It just makes it a lot easier. So I'm just going to rename this to scene mover. And then go ahead and pair your layers so that it's easier to work with just so all of these are linked to the kitchen and the kitchen is linked to the scene mover. So that way, when we go to do anything to the scene mover, all of the stuff that's linked to it will move and we don't have to go in individually to each one and do it. So I just want to have a slight pan. So we're just going to scale this up to 110 and then we're going to make sure that it's all the way over to one of the sides.

And then you can go ahead and start that and then just drag it to the end of my timeline. And then I'm just going to position this all the way over like that. And we don't even have to go into the camera tool up here and mess with any of that. There's no need for that. This is just a super-easy way. Oh, we'll just change this to half so that we can actually see what we're working with. And we just have a nice little pan. And I want my pans to be very slow because I have piano music for my background noise to fit with that.

So that is all I have for you guys today. And with all of those little compositions that you created, all your compositions are going to show up here and you can just easily drag those into your master comp so that you can easily line everything up and then you can add in other effects if you want, but that is all I have for you. And here's my project one more time.


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