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Rotating 3D Cylinder Effect

Mohamed Hussain
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Written by Mohamed Hussain


Hello everybody. I am going to be showing you how to create a rotating cylinder effect with your text for your kinetic type project.

First, you're going to start off by creating your composition. Then you are going to want to lay out your text. Then adjust your text however you would like. An easy way of doing this is to create your text in Illustrator or Photoshop, and then import them into After Effects in order to create more complex shapes and more complex designs.

I'm just going to be showing you how to create the effect within itself. Onceyou go to the "effects and preset" section, you're going to look up CC cylinder and you're going to click and drag it onto the text layer. This is going to make it more "cylinder" shaped.

You can always change the radius however big you want the text to look, whether you want it to look distorted or to look really small. For the sake of tutorial, I'm just going to keep it at 100, but you can always change the shape of it based on the key frames.

Once you learn how to use the keyframes, you're just going to change it down in that actual timeline. But for now, I'll show you the most important element of the tutorial.

If you look in the left side of the screen, you'll see "position", which naturally just changes where the text is laid out to be. And if you go to the "rotation", which is the most important part, and specifically the "rotation Y" option, this is where you're going to have your text rotate through the plane. And later on, you're going to use the time watch effect or if you go down here to the actual text layer and you go down, click on effects, CC cylinder, rotation, you can actually create time or keyframes in order for you to change the text on the layout. So for example. And you should end up with something like this or even better.



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