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Creating a Rotating 3D Cylinder Text Effect in After Effects

Mohamed Hussain
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Hey everyone, today we're diving into the mesmerizing world of kinetic typography, specifically focusing on how to create a rotating cylinder effect with your text. This technique adds an extra layer of dynamism to your text and can take your project from good to mind-blowing. So, let's jump in!

Setting Up Your Composition

First thing's first—you'll need to set up your After Effects composition. This is the canvas where all the magic happens. For this tutorial, let's assume a 1920x1080px setup, although you're free to adjust as per your project needs.

Laying Out Text

Next, we'll move onto adding your text to the canvas. You can design your text directly in After Effects, but for those who want a bit more nuance and complexity, designing your text in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop can be a game-changer. Once designed, you can import these text layers right into After Effects.

Into the Third Dimension: The CC Cylinder Effect

Okay, the stage is set, the actors (in this case, your text) are ready, and it's showtime. Navigate to the "Effects and Presets" panel, and search for CC Cylinder. Drag this effect onto your text layer. Voila, you've just transformed your flat text into a 3D object, resembling a cylinder.

A Word on Radius

The "Radius" option lets you control how large your cylindrical text will appear. Whether you want it stretched out or minuscule, the ball is in your court. For this tutorial, we're sticking with a radius of 100, but feel free to experiment.

Manipulating Keyframes

Keyframes are the pillars holding up your animation. You'll adjust these in the timeline, creating points in time where your effect changes. For the CC Cylinder effect, keyframes can be utilized to change the shape and size of your text over time.

Navigating Position and Rotation

Now, for the pièce de résistance: the rotation. In the effect settings panel on the left, you'll find two parameters—Position and Rotation.

Rotation Y

Focus on "Rotation Y." This is where you make your text dance. By adjusting this parameter, your text will rotate around its Y-axis, giving the illusion of a spinning cylinder. Time-watch or keyframe these rotations to create a smooth, seamless spin. And there you have it—text that not only tells a story but also turns heads (or rather, turns itself).

The Final Product

You should end up with a rotating cylinder of text that can serve as a powerful visual asset in your kinetic type project. Feel free to add more effects, colors, or even layer in some music to make it uniquely yours.



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