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Plucking Guitar Ukulele Strings

Anna Lee
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Written by Anna Lee

Anna Lee: Let's learn how to animate the plucking of the ukulele strings in After Effects


The tutorial is going to go over how I animated my ukulele strings. So I have my ukulele illustration here and I added paths as the strings so that I could go through to animate them. So if I were to make this one again, I just need to go here, grab the path tool, make a path, and then ... get the color thickness, send out this. This is going to be my left most string. And I want to add a [/education/tutorials/smoke-effect-using-wave-warp](wave warp). There we go. Buck it up and double click on a wave warp. And up here, you have several options of how the string is going to warp. We want to keep it on sign.

So that's nice and round and smooth. Here, we can mess around with the wave height and the wave width, the direction it's going to go. The speed it'll go at. So if I reference back down here, I want it to be three in height. 50 in width and seven in speed. You want the direction to go vertically, so put that zero, and then we can ... mark those, and then to make it look like this string is being plucked, we can go through and change these the zero. And then here, do the same thing. Now we play it. It should match those. It may be too thick. So, fix that and just go through it and copy and paste this several times and it should animate correctly, but made you play it back in. And that's how I made my ukulele strings.

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