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After Effects: Liquify Effect

Kara Sloane
|2 min read
Written by Kara Sloane

In this After Effects tutorial, Kara Sloane covers how to use the liquify tool to stretch an object.


First, you go up to Effect and then Distort, Liquify, and then you want to keep that in its original state right here. That was for ... For us, we'll say we'll start stretching it. So first ... go up here. It's really simple. You can change the size of the brush and everything if you need to, but this will work. And then you just click and drag ... and so however you want it to go. This can be done on text or anything you want to do.

I think this is good for like showing drips or anything like that, but I figured this would look good. Now you keep clicking and dragging. That's far enough.

I'll copy this one more time. Okay. Now to go back down, back to the original state here. Put it about there. See how it looks ... maybe. My computer's really slow. Now you can kind of see it. It's a little slow.

There it is basically. I'll just put ... shoe overtop. This will probably be a little off now. You get the point. My laptop's going really slow, but that's how you make it.


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