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Trimming Audio to Fit Your Video in After Effects & Premiere

Jake Hering
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Written by Jake Hering


Hey folks! Time for another techie tidbit for you videographers and editors out there. Ever been stuck with an audio file that's either too long or too short for your project? Jake Hering comes to the rescue with a simplified way to trim audio files in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Buckle up, 'cause here comes the soundwave ride you didn't know you needed!

The Issue: Audio-Length Mismatch

We've all been there. You've got a killer video, but the soundtrack just doesn't fit. Maybe it overshadows your message, or worse, leaves dead air that makes viewers check if their device is on mute. Bad audio can spoil even the best video, so let's fix that.

Step 1: Import Your Audio

First off, bring your audio into the editing environment. If you haven't done so, you'll find a handy file folder icon to import your file. Once uploaded, you’ll see it in the waveform section.

Step 2: Move to Multi-Track

This part's crucial. Switch from waveform to multi-track mode by creating a new session. Here, you'll see multiple tracks where you can drag and drop your audio file. Place it in one of the tracks at your desired position.

Step 3: The Magical Remix Feature

Now, let’s add some magic. Head over to the property panels and find the 'Remix' option. Click 'Enable Remix'. Why is this a lifesaver? It allows you to adjust the length of your audio file without making it sound choppy or cut-off.

How Does it Work?

Once you enable the remix feature, it will analyze your audio file and locate points where it can clip the audio without you noticing. These edit points are signified by a zigzag line. The brilliance here is that it blends these clips to make your audio sound as cohesive as your morning cup of coffee tastes.

Why It's a Game-Changer

Editing audio has always been a painstaking task, demanding attention to detail and timing. But now, you can get that perfect audio length with just a few clicks. So your audio file remains smooth, uninterrupted, and becomes an actual asset rather than a nuisance.

Final Takeaway

Jake Hering's tutorial gives you the power to make your audio fit your video like a glove fits a hand. The remix feature revolutionizes how we edit audio by making the process straightforward and the result flawless.

So the next time your animation project screams for that perfectly timed audio, you know what to do. Remember, in the world of video, sight and sound go hand in hand, and now you've mastered both! 🎥🔊

Here's the final result:



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