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After Effects: Make Text Appear As They Are Spoken

Chloe Kuckelman
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Written by Chloe Kuckelman

In this After Effects tutorial, Chloe Kuckelman covers how to make words appear as they are spoken.


So we're going to try to make this text up on the screen appear as he's speaking. So first it's important to create a layer for each of the texts. So all this text is a separate subject. And then we want to make it appear, so there's going to be a lag for each of the texts. So first, happiness comes in right away. So we won't mess with that. But then we want to move the bar a little bit to the right, and in order to make it, you can either drag it or what's easier is to do option and then click the bracket. So I click the left bracket in this case and it automatically goes to that spot. And then let's go to the next one and we can move it a little bit further and click option, left bracket again like this, or move this option bracket. And we're just going to see how it looks so far. So let's see if the timing is okay.

So it's a little fast. So let me move this a little bit like that. And we can select all of these by clicking the first one and clicking shift and clicking that. And then we can bracket, use option left bracket and move all these back just to see what it looks like.

So I'm going to move these all back a little. So you can just highlight all of them. Move them back. And in order to play the actual animation, you just click the space bar.

So, going to adjust, and you can just keep adjusting until it fits the words. The most time-consuming part is just editing it and kind of moving it to the exact spot that it needs to be.

Sometimes it kind of lags like that, which is normal. It's just if you have a large kind of media file, or if you get deep into a project, sometimes it might lag like that. But let me just move, highlight these three and move it back a little and drag this back.

Basically, all you need to do is continue to kind of drag it. And like I said, you can move the bar to where you want it to come in and just click option and either left or right bracket. And let me see where this sentence stops.

So it stops around the four-second mark. So what I'm going to do is highlight all of these. So just like hold down shift and highlight all of them. I'm going to do the option right bracket. So then once that four seconds is up, all this text is going to disappear and you can move on to your next composition of what you want to do with that. But yeah, that's basically what you need to do. Just keep kind of messing around with this, and it's just kind of a trial and error. So you have to keep kind of adjusting it. But that's how you make kind of text appear as if someone is talking.

Here's the final result:


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