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After Effects: Grouping a Scene Into One File

Kenzie Kollars
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Written by Kenzie Kollars

In this After Effects tutorial, Kenzie Kollars covers how to group a scene into one file so it's easier to edit individually.


I'm going to go to my TV scene, which is right here. So everything that includes from when the TV comes in, to when the TV exits the screen. If you double click on it, it'll bring it to where everything is, its own separate thing that fits in that. You can't see anything in the background right now, because there's no colored background. But once the TV comes in, all of those details are in there, and you can make edits inside of this. And then if you hit save on that, whatever you edit in this little box will edit as a whole on here without changing everything up to here and having to individually change on the main.

It also makes it easier because it has everything simplified and you don't have to scroll as much to find the one part that you're looking for. So, the way to do that is to... I'm going to take these right here, for example; these few right here, I'm just going to highlight all of them. And if you right-click and go to pre-compose, you can name it; I'm just going to put name and you hit okay. And then group everything and you can make edits on here for those few. And then it's now a group on here under the name, and it shows you just where that one section is.

And then another thing that I found out really quick was, if I go to the scene again, how all the bars are complete across the pages or across the screen, it's really jumbled, and it's hard to see where the starting point is for each one, you have to scroll through. So I found that if you do alt, and then you hit whichever bracket you like, if you hit alt and then left bracket, it'll chop off the edge right there, so then you know that's where the starting point is. And let's say it ends right here; you hit alt and hit the right bracket and it'll trim it down. And then at the end, it'll end up looking like this. So you can just easily go to where each point is that you need to edit without having to scroll through and find the point.

Here's the final result:


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