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Creating a Ceiling Fan in After Effects

Khalifa Teya
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Written by Khalifa Teya

Khalifa Teya covers how to recreate a fan animation he made the big mistake to avoid when doing so.


Hello. For this After Effects tutorial, I'm going to show you guys how I did my fan, or how I animated this fan to spin like this. Okay, well my first mistake when designing this fan, I created it in Illustrator. I designed it how it was actually supposed to be. But you shouldn't really do that at first, because it's at a weird angle.

To start off, I'm going to restart this. Okay, so yeah, this is how I did it. I drew the fan, just in a 2D environment, so it looks like that. Okay, so yeah, I drew my fan out like this. It's just some rectangles. I messed around with the pencil, to get the shapes that I wanted. Okay, after you do that, you set it in the center. Then you make sure you move your anchor point, put it in the center of the fan. Then you have to turn it into a 3D object. Press this little cube right here.

Then once it's turned into a 3D object, then you have to rotate it, to pretty much how you want it. I forgot, you have to set the anchor point of the 3D object. Mine is way out here. I'll set it into the center. Then you can start rotating it how you want it, like that. You get the point, you see? Just put it how, whatever you feel like doing.

After that, you set an anchor point for the fan, with the Z rotation. Then you go to your end point. Then you set another key frame. Now, you can just put however many, the amount of rotations you want. That should be it. Yeah, it looks crazy. But just mess around with it, and get it how you want it to be. Yeah, that's the end.

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