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After Effects: Animating Masks

Owen Thieler
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Written by Owen Thieler

In this After Effects tutorial, Owen Thieler covers masks to get the blinds effect. I realize we went over this in class, but I had a simpler approach to it within my animation that I think may be more easily understandable.

This is a tutorial on masks. It's a little more simplified than the one Jordan did in class last Wednesday. But I thought I'd just give a bit more of a simplified overview into them.

I've got a shape here, this shape layer one, it's just a rectangle. But if I wanted to mask it, there are a few ways I could do it, but I'm going to only cover two of them, because they're the two I used in my animation for class.

The first one is to go up to layer, go to mask, click new mask. So now I've got this shape here. We can mess with it if we want. If you click on it and then don't, you can mess with it a bit better. I don't quite know how to describe it, but I just figured it out when messing with it. You've got a lot of ways to move it like that.

Another way... I'll just get rid of that... is what I have above here, it's a second shape, and I can apply a mask by going... So first this is what your mode will look like normally. But if you're messing with masks, you'll want to toggle switches and modes that you can see this.

You will go down to your first layer. See where it says track matte here? You'll click there. If you want it to show through... Well only what's in the shape, click alpha matte. If you want the shape above to be cut out of it, and then the rest will show through, sort of like a Batman thing, show alpha inverted matte.

For the purposes of this video, we're not going over luma matte or luma inverted matte. I didn't use them, so I'm unaware of how to do them.

But that's how to use two different methods of masks.


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