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After Effects: Animating Gradient Meshes

Dylan Wittmuss
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Written by Dylan Wittmuss

In this After Effects tutorial, Dylan Wittmuss covers how to animate gradient meshes.

So, we are going to be making a gradient like this one, or we can make a gradient like this one. Now, I know what you're thinking. It's going to be really hard and wow, you cannot be more wrong. So, you're going to want to make a new composition, going to title it gradient because that's what we're doing. I just made it 10 seconds. That's all you really need. So first, you want to make a shape because all we're going to be doing is applying an effect on top of the shape. So, after you have your shape, go over to effects in presets and type in gradient, and you can either do the four color gradient or the gradient ramp. And the gradient ramp is just going to be your linear or the radial. I did the four color. It's a little more interesting, although I hate that you can't add more colors to it. It's just stuck at four, so that kind of sucks, but hey, it is what it is.

All right. So, we're going to start key framing. So, key framed all the positions and all the colors and move them wherever you want. We're just going to leave it there for now. I'm going to go to two seconds. Just going to randomly move these guys. If you want, you can change the color too. Do what you like. I don't care. Go over to four seconds and let's move them again. Get them mingling with each other. And let's spice it up. Let's change the colors while we're at it. Add a little something, something. Make this one a little different. And last one. A little too orange. There we go. So, am I liking that? Let's move that one there. Okay. And then let's move them again, go to six. I'm just going by two seconds, just to make it simple and easy to follow. You can really do whatever you want. Change the graphs. I don't care. It's your colors. You do what you want.

Actually, let's move this a guy down. And also, you can change the blend to them. I should have shown that earlier. Here it is. Okay, four color gradient. What am I doing here? Jesus. So, let's make them blend a little bit more on this one. Yeah. So you can't really tell what they are. Okay. So see, as it'll go on, it'll blend more. And let's go to eight seconds here. And let's move them all around again. And go to 10 seconds. We're going to change the color again, because why not? Nope. Oh God, that looks awful. Anyways. We're going to turn the blend down again. All right. Actually let's make it blend less this time, like 50. And that should be everything you really need. You can also change the opacity if you want. I don't think it really looks that great, kind of just desaturate all the colors. But anyways, there's your animation once you're done.

The linear one is literally just like this. I can show it a little bit. I mean, you have your two points here, here, you move them however you want, works the exact same way as the four color gradient. I think just the four colors' a little bit more interesting but yeah. And if you're wondering what more you can add on to this, you can go to Devon's tutorial to see how you can gradient text. Ooh, maybe that's a little interesting for you. I don't know. I don't care. Anyways, yeah. That's all you really need. Hopefully that helped. Leave a like and a comment if it helped you, if it didn't help you, I'm sorry. But yeah, there you go. Have a good day


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